New Sticker Drop!

Our latest set of stickers are here!

We technically released these a few weeks ago, but we forgot to announce it via our blog. 

by Sleepy Mountain

Check out our five new stickers in the shop now!

All stickers are made of vinyl, professionally printed, waterproof & weatherproof.

Set of new vinyl stickers by sleepy mountain


1. Mouthy Sticker

An illustration of a mouth with red lips and a tongue sticking out

mouthy sticker by sleepy mountain tongue sticking out

2. Please be nice to me sticker

Purple sans-serif text with a smiley face in place of the "o".

please be nice to me sticker by sleepy mountain


3. Blow me sticker

Red lips blowing out bubble gum with the words "blow me"

blow me bubble gum mouth vinyl sticker by sleepy mountain


4. Abortion is healthcare sticker

The words "abortion is healthcare" with hand drawn tulip elements

abortion is healthcare vinyl sticker by sleepy mountain


5. Women don't owe you shit sticker

Pink and red sticker with wavy thick font saying "women don't owe you shit" 

women don't owe you shit vinyl sticker by sleepy mountain


We hope you love them!

Thanks for reading



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