Ghost Hoop Earrings


We're here to tell you that spooky season doesn't have to be a limited-time thing. It can be a way of life!

And what better way to celebrate the weird and wonderful than with our ghost hoops? Now you can wear your favorite ghost earrings anytime, anywhere—whether it's the month of October or not.

Our Ghost Hoops feature a cute dangly acrylic ghost in a white swirly color, and come in 1 inch gold plated hoop earrings. They're perfect for any occasion, whether you're attending a Halloween party or just want something fun to wear around town.

These earrings are so discreet they'll blend right into your day-to-day life—but they're also statement enough to make it clear that you know how to make an entrance!


- Gold plated titanium 1 inch hoops
- Acrylic ghost in white swirl


For long lasting jewelry, remove before showering, swimming or exercising. Store away from other jewelry or in a jewelry pouch to avoid scratches. Wipe clean with soft t-shirt or microfiber cloth.